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Oxford B&W Photography Coffee Table Art Book

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless people and businesses, many have been hit hard by the government lockdown restrictions, photography being one of them. I decided to take this rare opportunity to photograph Oxford as never seen before… empty, and have produced a book - OXFORD LOCKDOWN.  It is a visually striking collection of B&W images of Oxford, all taken at night, using available light during the first lockdown. The streets were eerily quiet and the images are a unique record of the social history of Oxford portraying the mystery and loneliness of this university town during these difficult times.

B&W photography of Oxford Radcliffe Camera

I chose to photograph the Oxford architecture at night, with no distraction of colour, using light and shadow to create atmospheric images with an air of mystery.  The buildings looked so different at night and with no people or traffic, I was able to capture images, which I have never seen before, Oxford empty and alone.  

Trinity college Oxford black and white prints for sale

The buildings were lit via existing floodlights, street lights and moonlight, with long exposure, I was able to capture the detail, history and beauty of the Oxford architecture.

The book is full of many of Oxford's iconic buildings, and I am thrilled with the quality of the printing by Holywell Press in Oxford, the B&W images really jump off the page. 

I was fortunate that BBC South Today recognised the social history that my  "Oxford Lockdown" photographic collection portrayed. This is a clip from the television interview I had with them.


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